ROCK N' ROLL Name Graphic

How prophetic these words have proven to be since they were originally sung by Danny and the Juniors back in 1958. Did the artists who performed this exciting and provocative music and indeed the youth culture who listened to it, truly believe that it would be everlasting? Or, were they merely demonstrating their defiance against a more conservative society who dismissed it as just a musical and cultural phase which would be short lived? Could anyone be fully aware of the impact which rock ‘n’ roll would have upon the music industry throughout subsequent generations? Without doubt, rock ‘n’ roll, which exploded onto the music scene in the 1950’s, has formed the basis of rock and pop music of future decades right up to the present day.
Undoubtedly, the passion, excitement and pure exuberance of rock ‘n’ roll music and of those artists who performed it, has reverberated through time. With each generation who hear the songs of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Elvis Presley, there become ever more converts to rock ‘n’ roll, to add to those fans who were there at the beginning of this musical explosion.
‘At The Hop’ recreates the passion, excitement and sheer enjoyment of an era, which although is now half a century old, continues to be as popular as ever. The show is performed by musicians who are part of the following generations who have heard and subsequently been captured by the magic of rock ‘n’ roll.
By performing rock ‘n’ roll on stage, AT THE HOP, is striving to keep this
musical phenomenon alive.
Long live rock ‘n’ roll. All the best.. AT THE HOP