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When asked at a radio interview whether he merely performed rock ‘n’ roll on stage then switched off from it at the end of a show, Ed was to reply. “I don’t just play rock ‘n’ roll, I live rock ‘n’ roll. I never stop rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’. I even rock ‘n’ roll in my sleep.” Therefore the interviewer and the listeners were left in no doubt that Ed feels very passionately about the music which he has embraced. Anyone who has seen and heard Ed in the show cannot fail to be engulfed by his sheer work rate and passion which he applies to his performance. He believes very strongly in the saying,“Nothing good is ever achieved without enthusiasm!!!” It is without doubt Ed’s enthusiasm and hard work ethic, combined with his passion for rock ‘n’ roll which is the driving force behind ‘At the Hop’. His philosophy is that in order to perform rock ‘n’ roll well, then the artist needs to immerse themselves in the music. From a very early age Ed has listened to hundreds of recordings from the 50’s and watched numerous reels of rock ‘n’ roll film footage, enabling him to recreate the ‘vibe’ of the era. Moreover, he has delved even deeper by researching the artists(Louis Jordan, Smiley Lewis and Big Joe Turner) who were to influence the ‘rock ‘n’ roll greats’ and tries to portray this in the show, adding another dimension to his performance. (Also giving the audience an insight into the origins of rock ‘n’ roll). It is this depth of research which has helped Ed in his role as musical director and choreographer of ‘At the Hop’.

Ed has had no formal training in dance or musicianship. No one has taught him how to ‘shake it to the groove!’ It is his natural ability as a dancer and his studious preparation which gives his choreography and his musical arrangements a certain ‘freshness and vitality’. He believes whole-heartedly in what he does and never gives less than 100% in each and every performance.
He pushes himself to the limit of his endurance and loves every second of it. He only hopes that the audience can derive as much pleasure from viewing his performances as he gains from giving them. As has been said before, ‘He gives everything from the heart’.

Keep On Rockin’.
Cheers Ed.