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‘The Girl Can’t Help It’ by Little Richard. This is Rich’s first experience of rock ‘n’ roll. He was seven years of age and he needed to take three records into school for the annual Christmas party. Not having any records of his own, his Dad dutifully looked up three records which he had in his own collection. After a little thought, the following records were to emerge, ‘The Greatest Hits of Little Richard’, ‘The Greatest Hits of Chuck Berry’, and the soundtrack to the motion picture ‘Grease’! Then, with his hair slicked back with Brylcreem (boy did it smell good) and his Dad’s three records under his arm, Rich was to walk into school with his new found music and he has never looked back.

“No record has ever had such a profound effect upon me as those greatest hits of Little Richard. The sheer power and excitement is something which has never subsidised even after 20 years. It is without doubt the record that got me hooked on rock ‘n’ roll.” Rich, older brother to Ed, shares many of his sibling’s sentiments and feelings towards rock ‘n’ roll music. Especially in the way in which it needs to be approached when playing it. “Rock ‘n’ roll needs to be played with feel. It is not enough just to play the notes.
Many talented musicians dismiss rock ‘n’ roll as merely three chord music, however if there is no ‘vibe’ or ‘groove’ to the way it’s played then it becomes flat and lifeless. Rock ‘n’ roll sounds best when it is performed with a fire and spirit with which the original performers gave to it.’’ When Ed and Rich along with their management team of Val and Harry Stephenson and Leisure Management decided to put together ‘At The Hop’, they felt that it was important to portray along with the excitement and sense of fun within the show, the spirit and vibe which has helped make rock ‘n’ roll as popular as it is.

“I love to play rock ‘n’ roll music and along with Ed I feel very fortunate to be able to perform it as a profession.”

All the best. Rich.


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